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Hotel Mount Avenue will excite you and your family with a fabulous stay with excellent hospitality...

Camp Fire

Spend the hours of darkness seated by the campfire giving yourself a feeling of warmth and cosy . There is no place quite so suitable for a friendly talk.


Nature Walk

Take a short walk upto the hilltop edakkal caves located just behind the property and soak in the panoramic views all around that makes everything look tiny from up above. Edakkal is the only known place in India with Stone Age carvings. You can see here carvings belonging to Neolithic and Mesolithic age. The human figures of these caves have raised hair and some have masks.



Trekking in Wayanad is enjoyable with trekking trails through the rainforest areas. These trails go through beautiful streams and waterfalls. The treks see stretches with different densities of flora, fauna and wildlife. The most popular trekking spots in Wayanad are : Chembra Peak, Pakshi Padala, Banasura Peak and Kurucher Mala


Indoor & Outdoor Games

Spend your lazy afternoons with some exciting indoor games which include Chess, Carroms, Darts, and Chinese checkers. Challenge a friend or have a family bonding time at our exclusive indoor games centre. You can enjoy the outdoor games too...

Enjoy your Dream Destination